Community Sport, Tourism and Culture Center in Radków
Community Leisure, Sport and Culture Center in Łambinowice

The purpose of the contest:
- developing and forming engineering and technological interests
- promoting cardboard and plastic model building among children, youth and adults as a free time activity

Contest period: 9-22.11.2020
Jury proceedings and voting period: 23-27.11.2020
Results anouncement and awards presentation: 29.11.2020

1. The contest is open for everybody. Both individual model builders and model builders belonging to model clubs can participate in it.
2. The participants must submit seven photos of each entry model taken from the following angles:
- the right side
- the left side
- the front
- the back
- the top view
- two detailed photos

The photos must be submitted through the platform
The file size for each photo cannot exceed 3 MB. The photos must be taken on the bright and plain backgrounds. Scissors and paste jobs consisting of a few pictures within one area are not allowed.
3. Each participant can submit no more than two models in each class.
4. The models awarded in the contest held in Łambinowice (plastic ones) and the last online contest (cardboard ones) cannot be submitted again.
5. The selection committees of jurors will rate the submitted models. There will be two selection committees: one for plastic models and one for cardboard models.
6. The choice of categories is up to model builders. However, this can be changed or modified by the selection committee and its chairman.
7. The submitted models must be built by the participants themselves.
8. The prizes will be awarded to the first three places winners in each age category. The organizers plan to grant in-kind prizes as well.
9. The prizes and trophies will be sent by post within three weeks from the end of the contest. In special circumstances they might be sent on a later date.
10. The requisite of participation in the contest is submitting the model through the platform and consenting to all the requirements.
11. The age groups:
- children – up to 12
- juniors – 12-18
- seniors – over 18.
12. Cardboard models categories for all age groups.
S1 – one engine planes
S2 – multi engine planes
S3 – jet airplanes
S4 – civilian planes
SZ – gliders
H – helicopters
O – ships
OLW – waterline ships
SC – civilian ships
OP – submarines
Ż – sailing ships
PK – wheeled vehicles
PG – track-laying vehicles
PC – civilian vehicles
PS – rail vehicles
MR – farming vehicles and machines
R- rockets
B – buildings
F- figurines
U – armament
SF – fantasy/science-fiction
D- dioramas
INNE – everything else made from cardboard
V – vintage
13. Plastic model categories for all age groups.
PS1 – propeller airplane 1:72 and smaller
PS2 – jet airplane 1:72 and smaller
PS3 - propeller airplane 1:48
PS4 - jet airplane 1:48
PS5 - propeller airplane 1:32 and bigger
PS6 - jet airplane 1:32 and bigger
PH1 – helicopters 1:72 and smaller
PH2 – helicopters 1:48 and bigger
PG1 - track-laying vehicles 1:72 and smaller
PG2 - track-laying vehicles 1:48
PG3 - track-laying vehicles 1:32 and bigger
PK1 – wheeled vehicles 1:72 and smaller
PK2 - wheeled vehicles 1:48
PK3 - wheeled vehicles 1:32 and bigger
PA – artillery (not self-propelled)
PCO- civilian vehicles
PWR - rally and racing cars, F1
PCC - trucks
PM – motorcycles
PD72 – land dioramas 1:72 and smaller
PD48 - land dioramas 1:48 and bigger
PDL – aerial dioramas
PF1 – figurines 1:16 and smaller
PF2 - busts
PF3 - figurines fantasies
PO1 – ships and boats 1:350 and bigger
PO2 – ships and boats 1:400 and smaller
PSF- science-fiction and spacecrafts
PI – others
14. The final results will be announced during the live coverage streamed via our Facebook page.